How to buy a ticket

It can be confusing to buy tickets on this website. We apologise but we have no control over this feature. So we made this page for you. We are good like that.

Quick how to:

The time on the events leads to the purchasing page. For example below: you would click on 2:15PM or 7:45PM.

Detailed how to:

Simply go to the home page called Now Playing. In the middle, you will see the calendar. 

For Current Events:

Go to the date and find your movie. Click on the time and it will change to BUY. Just click on BUY and choose what you want.

Note: movies are usually only available to buy a week in advance except for special events.

For Future Events:

  • Sort by title (upper left corner of the calendar and click on By Title).
  • Scroll down until you get to the event you want.
  • Click on the box showing the time .