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A Decade in the Shade is solo exhibition, showcasing the eclectic and off beat  photography work created over the last decade, by local photographer Dan Kerins.

Dan’s work has featured in Exhibitions, Hard print, online and commercial publications all over New Zealand and beyond.

His distinctive visual style, often obscure, stark blend of subject matter set to a dark striking, aesthetic that is instantly recognisable was seeded sometime during nearly two decades of ‘ill-planned and underfunded excursions into the lesser known’ In multiple locations across the world, Myanmar, Vanuatu, Honduras and Taiwan to mention but a few.

The exhibition represents the honing and tempering of his work over the last ten years living in the shade of the Kaikoura ranges, set out into four distinct bodies of work, Itinerant, Rough Around the Edges, Ballads of the Anthropocene and Vignettes.

The images in four new collections are taken from a mixture of personal studies, commercial works, and newly produced work for this exhibition.